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“I make my own coconut oil face scrubs, essential oils,
the whole shebang - but man this stuff trumps it all so
far!” - Kerry G.

The global beauty industry is estimated to be
worth 532 billion dollars...

It seems like everywhere we turn there’s a new product for:

Flawless skin
Thicker hair
Stronger nails
Longer lashes

This list goes on and on.

We are told to slather ourselves from head-to-toe with enough products to rival our monthly grocery budget.

But with all these lotions and potions, injections and extensions…

… I want to know why we aren’t talking more about what I like to call “inside out beauty.”

What do I mean?

Inside out beauty is the idea that how we nourish our bodies inside directly reflects how we look and feel on the outside.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of sustainable, organic beauty products.

But I don’t look at them as bottled miracles that turn back the clock.

Instead, I use them as part of my daily health routine, and they only make up a fraction of my standard beauty practices.

So, what is my secret to looking and feeling youthful as I tick off calendar years?

It’s a combination of daily exercise, quality sleep, and a healthy diet…

… and an important part of my healthy diet is Truvani’s Marine Collagen.

Hi, My name is Vani Hari. When I co-founded Truvani, I knew collagen was going to be one of the first products we made.

I also knew I wanted to make a Wild Caught Marine Collagen that has high amounts of Type I collagen, which is known to support skin health.

In fact, research shows 80% of the collagen that makes up our skin is Type I collagen.

Which means Marine Collagen is as close to our own skin as possible. Plus our Marine Collagen has types II and III collagen to support healthy bones, joints, and gut health.

So what makes Truvani Marine Collagen different from other collagens on the market?

We’re a small company making big waves in the health food and personal care industries.

As our co-founder, I work directly with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure every product we offer upholds our strict Truvani Standards.

And we source only the best ingredients available, organic and non-GMO whenever possible, and we aren’t afraid to cancel a product or put it on hold… because only the highest quality products deserve our label.

Some other brands sell out to big food corporations who gladly put profit over your health.

But not Truvani.

Part of our mission is to not only to provide the best products around but also change the way you think about what goes into your body.

And we’re doing this by giving you the chance to buy our top selling Marine Collagen for 50% off regular retail pricing.

It’s time we change our beauty standards by focusing on inside out beauty. This means nourishing your body with the best food and supplements on earth.

And as a ‘thank you’ for trusting Truvani with your health, we will ship a glass straw with a cleaning brush, and email 3 of our favorite Collagen eBooks for FREE.

Why Use Marine Collagen?

Research suggests that as we age, we keep producing the same amount of enzymes that break down collagen, but we make less of it. Some believe this is one of the reasons for aging skin, uneven skin tone, brittle nails, and other signs that give away your age.

“I love adding Truvani Marine Collagen in my morning smoothie or coffee…”

Yes, this is Marine Collagen. Right now many popular collagen products are made from Bovine (beef) Collagen…

...and it tends to clump more, has a funny taste, and is not as sustainable for the environment.

Truvani Collagen is made from Wild Caught fish. And it blends perfectly in a smoothie or morning coffee, doesn’t change the taste of your beverage, and has minimal impact on the environment.

The best part? We are a small company that stands by our ingredients. Take a look…

No Natural Flavors. No Weird
Ingredients. Just Straight Up Marine
Collagen From Wild Caught Fish

So, when I co-founded my company, I wanted to create a marine collagen with as few ingredients as possible.

It wasn’t going to be easy.

But we did it.

We don’t use unnecessary additives. We avoid artificial sweeteners and flavors. And we don’t use strange preservatives.

For our Collagen Type 1 & 3, we use the skin of wild-caught Cod, Pollock, and other deep-sea fish from the waters surrounding Iceland (as well as the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and other, cold, Northern waters).

For our Collagen Type 2, we use the cartilage of wild-caught Skate, Stingray, and Raja off the coast of France.

Fall In Love With Wild Caught Collagen When You Get Our Marine Collagen Starter Kit

So, why do people take Marine Collagen?
There are 3 main reasons:


More and more cutting-edge research points to the health benefits specifically of MARINE collagen. Because as it turns out, the collagen in the skin of fish is very similar to the collagen in the human body.


Our collagen comes from the skin of WILD CAUGHT fish. The skin is a valuable source of collagen that often goes to waste. So, using it is good for you AND the sustainability of our food system.


We treat our Marine Collagen with a non-GMO, food-grade enzyme. This process makes our collagen easy to digest (without any solvents or chemicals). So, the amino acids can get to where they need to go!

And when you order today, you’ll get some additional bonuses that I know you’ll just LOVE.

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Why Choose Truvani Wild
Caught Marine Collagen?

It’s made from Wild Caught fish. It contains Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 Collagen. And it mixes great in your morning coffee or smoothie.

The best part? Unlike some other companies, we don’t include any weird ingredients. Just straight up collagen.

“ I had a busy week recently and I felt like I was looking drab and then I realized that I fell out of my routine for a few days and I wasn’t having my Marine Collagen. I got back in my routine and got my glow back.” Ann Kahl Verified Customer

Reusable Glass Straw With
Brush Cleaner

Plastic straws are out. Paper straws fall apart and don’t work well. But our sleek, modern, glass straw is made out of high-quality glass, and is convenient for drinking a smoothie. Plus it comes with a cleaning brush that’s easy to use.

“I started buying the turmeric, protein powder and collagen two months ago. All three products are awesome. After one month I liked the products so much I subscribed to a monthly delivery of the bundle pack of all three products. I have just referred a friend.” Diane Longo Verified Customer

The Morning Glow Recipe eBook

Discover 10 collagen-rich breakfast recipes that can help support the health of your skin, hair, nails, and joints. Easy to follow-directions. Simple recipes. Beautiful photography.

“Hands down the best collagen! A repeat buy for me as it delivers so many benefits including glowing skin, stronger nails and hair! As a health coach and personal trainer, I only support the cleanest, safest brands and products to clients and friends.” Julie Barnard Verified Customer

Simple Ways to Embrace
Your Natural Beauty

Discover our 40 year-old cofounder’s secret to wearing no makeup. Plus... How to change the way you think about getting older. The importance of tweaking your beauty routine every few years. Ways to set a positive example for the women in your life who look up to you. Delicious recipes to help you boost natural beauty from the inside out (including a cocktail…you’re welcome).

“Very nice products. The collagen is perfect because there is no flavor so I can mix with anything!” Charissa Gudek Verified Customer

Truvani’s Mini-Guide To: An Easy,
Breezy (and Healthy!) Summer

Ready to set new health routines this summer? Inside this guide you’ll get some top tips for an easy, breezy, and healthy summer. It includes recipes. And other content!

“Definitely kid friendly and 100% mom approved!!!!” Estella Pantoja Verified Customer

Here Are Real People with Real Testimonials About Our Collagen:

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Marine Collagen Starter Kit In Stock Ready to Ship

Get 1 Bag of Wild Caught Marine Collagen, 1 Glass Straw
with Cleaning Brush, and 3 Exclusive Truvani eBooks.
$39.99 $19.99
Save 50% Today Then $39.99 Monthly
Delivery Frequency $22.49 One time purchase Save 50% when you subscribe $19.99 Subscribe and save Monthly Subscription – Pause, Skip or Cancel Anytime Subscribe & Save

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