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Because You Never Know When You’ll Need a Protein Boost to Tide You Over

What’s the hardest time to stick to your healthy habits?

For me, it’s when I'm either pressed for time, on the go, or in a place with no healthy food options. Think about when you’re at…

  1. The office
  2. A restaurant or hotel
  3. Your in-law’s house? 🤣

But seriously. There are times when it feels like you only have TWO options:

Number 1: Make a BAD food choice that leaves you feeling sluggish and sick.

Number 2: Starve, get “hangry,” and bite someone’s head off!

This isn't your fault… When all the available food choices are full of additives and sugar, what are you supposed to do?

You need something quick and easy. Something healthy that will tide you over until your next full meal.

How to Feel Great Wherever You Go

When I used to travel a lot for work, I went through great lengths to bring healthy food and snacks with me.

Now, I always keep a quick and easy snack in my purse, because I never know when I’ll need it.

And I know I’m not the only one. A friend told me, "When I travel I put my Protein Powder in ziplock bags, and I get really weird looks!"

Haha. I totally get it.

The good news is:

There’s no need for cumbersome, clumsy “hacks” anymore…

Travel kits in a handbag

Introducing: Plant-Based Protein Travel Kits

Protein Packs

Now you can take Truvani’s Plant-Based Protein with you wherever you go.

Our Protein Travel kits include 10 single-serving packets.

They are perfect for whenever you’re on-the-go, for when you’re traveling, or to leave in your snack drawer at work.


Here are some of the ways you can use our new single-serving packets…

Not only do our protein powders taste amazing, but they are:


And contain NO artificial or natural flavors.

That’s the real deal.

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At Truvani, every product we offer meets our high standards.

This means using minimal ingredients from the best sources possible. Organic and non-GMO when available.

No cutting corners or putting out products simply because there is a demand and cheap to make. Only products we are proud to share with our own families.

We want the best for you, too. That’s why we are so excited for you to try our Plant Based Protein.

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Our Guarantee

Fall In Love With Our Plant-Based Protein On The Go Packets Or Your Money Back…

When you receive our Plant Based Protein we have a simple promise: fall in love with it within 30 days or you can get a refund.

No questions asked.

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Do you have a question about our Plant-Based Protein On The Go Packets? Here are some answers…

Shipping 24/7 from CA & PA

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