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What if no matter what life throws our way we had
something to help us find our inner oasis?

Stress isn’t always negative.

In fact, a little stress is good for you.

To put it simply… stress is a burst of energy that helps you figure out what to do.

In reality, if we didn’t ever feel occasional stress…

… we’d probably get nothing done.

The problem is…

Sometimes we forget to take breaks from stress.

Or life forgets to give us breaks from it.

So we end up riding on a stress rollercoaster far more often than we’d like.

And our bodies have a hard time knowing the difference between the stress of rush hour traffic… or a fang-baring beast breathing down our necks.


We know aren’t being chased by sabertooth tigers on a daily basis.

But sometimes it sure feels like it.

And then all of those unforeseen things creep up… like a broken water heater only hours before holiday company arrives.

This is just part of life.

But it can feel overwhelming at times.

Wouldn’t it be nice to smooth out these occasional little speed bumps... so we can simply slow down and feel calm no matter what we face ahead?

Hi, my name is Vani Hari and I’m the co-founder of Truvani.

I have a confession...

I’ve had my eye on an herbal root introduced to me by a physician friend several years back.

She wasn’t the only one talking about it.

Another friend blends it in his daily juice because it helps him feel calm and leveled-out no matter how busy life gets.

The crazy part?

This herb may actually adapt to the body’s needs by regulating a stable balance inside our unique systems…. making it an important adaptogen.

Which means no matter what the day brings, it helps promote harmony in the body so we feel calm, evened out, energized, and well rested.

It acts differently in the body depending on why we need it.

And best of all, we may feel better and better over time the longer we take it.

Some people notice a calm, easy feeling right away.

Others don’t realize how well it’s working until something that used to bother them…

… well, no longer bothers them.

This powerful root is called ashwagandha.

I knew my body would benefit from taking this incredible herb. After all, my life can feel really hectic from time to time.

But I also had BIG questions.

Where did these supplements come from?

How were they made?

Are they safe?

Because it wasn’t as familiar as supplements like Vitamin D3 or Magnesium.

Maybe you feel this way too.

After all, ashwagandha root is undeniably trendy right now due to its incredible ability to help the body adapt to whatever life throws our way.

In fact...

It was called “the herb to watch” in 2017.

And in 2018, it was said to be “leading the adaptogenic revolution.”

Plus there’s more and more research coming out on how this root positively supports balance in both the body and mind…

… but it isn’t new.

It’s actually an herb known for restorative properties in traditional medicine community for thousands of years.

Which is probably why ashwagandha is called “The Prince of Herbs.”

Whether is classic stress at work, or keeping up with a busy parenting life… or the need for extra energy support daily activities.

Ashwagandha helps to support the body by creating your own internal retreat from all of the external hustle and bustle of life.

I decided it was time to get on board with ashwagandha to create an inner calm no matter how chaotic life could feel on the outside.

So I made one.

It’s organic.

It’s non-GMO.

And it comes in tablet form for easy daily use.

That’s why we are excited to introduce our Bliss Me, an organic ashwagandha supplement with organic black pepper powder available today in convenient uncoated tablets. You can take them in tablet form or blend them into your favorite hot drinks or cool smoothies.

Introducing Truvani’s Bliss Me Ashwagandha Tablets

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Ashwagandha, a hearty nightshade plant related to the tomato, is native to India, North Africa, and other regions of Southeast Asia.

Ashwagandha, a hearty nightshade plant related to the tomato, is native to India, North Africa, and other regions of Southeast Asia.
It adapted to grow in harsh dry conditions and its roots, leaves,
and berries are used for their restorative and rejuvenating

Sometimes called “Indian Ginseng” or Winter Cherry, this ancient
herb is known for its adaptogenic properties- or the ability to
support our bodies during occasional stress so we can conserve

In Sanskrit, ashwagandha translates to “essence of a horse.” It’s
known to give the strength and vigor of a stallion…

Our tablets make it convenient to take ashwagandha with a quick
sip of water, or they can be dissolved into your favorite teas and
tonics. (See our quick recipes below.)

Bliss Me also contains organic black pepper powder, known for its
unique properties that enhance bioavailability of other nutrients-- including ashwagandha. This dynamic combination helps your
body to unlock the true potency of this amazing root.

This Adaptogen Can Help You Slow Down, Unwind,
And Restore Balance From A Hectic Day*

  • Supports Daily Energy - Ashwagandha antioxidant activity helps support muscle growth when in conjunction with resistance training*, while promoting greater endurance.*

  • Supports Positive Mood - By supporting effective communication between the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands this herb supports a healthy response to occasional stress.*

  • Supports Muscle Growth and Endurance - Ashwagandha rich antioxidants support muscle strength and size*, while promoting greater endurance.*

  • Supports Brain Health - This ancient root promotes antioxidant activity that supports healthy brain, nerve, and memory function.*

  • Supports Healthy Sleep - Ashwagandha has sleep-inducing potential*, and may support healthy sleep quality* and the ability to fall asleep faster for those who experience occasional sleeplessness.*


What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plants that support the body during times of stress. We stress our body in a number of ways throughout the year.

Some stress is good for us. Like hard workouts or challenging outdoor adventures.

Other stress can leave us feeling rundown, overwhelmed, and a little frazzled.

Adaptogens support all types of occasional stress in different ways-- good stress or not-so-good stress.

They do this by responding to the physiological feedback from stress to bring your body back to a balanced middle ground…

... including your mind, energy levels, and immune health.

How Can Ashwagandha Help And When Should I Take It?

Ashwagandha is a big deal in traditional health communities, and has been used for centuries to support various systems in the body.

In recent years, it’s become well known for its adaptogenic properties and is most noted for bringing the body back to center when it feels occasionally overstressed.

Stress looks different for everyone.

Which is why ashwagandha responds differently to our own unique needs.

Some find it beneficial for a positive stress response during strength and endurance workouts.

It may also support those who need help fostering quality sleep routines… or those who want more energy during the day.

In other words… ashwagandha helps maintain healthy responses to stress in a way that supports your body needs.

That’s how adaptogens are thought to work.

We recommend for those who need more support during the day to take ashwagandha in the morning.

And to take it prior to bed for those who need occasional support with sleep habits.

Three Easy Ways To Add Our Bliss Me Organic
Ashwagandha To Your Health Routine

Number One A Side of Water Is All You Need Our convenient uncoated Bliss Me tablets are great for travel or on-the-go days. Take your tablet in the morning for extra energy or in the evening if you need help with sleep.

Number Two Bliss Me Tea Dissolve 1 Bliss Me tablet in a cup of boiling water. Add two teaspoons of honey for a sweet and savory sip.

Number Three Bliss Me Moon Milk Dissolve 1 Bliss Me tablet in a cup of hot milk or dairy substitute. Add two teaspoons of organic maple syrup, and a pinch of cardamom for a quick pick-me-up.

Moon milk has its roots in Ayurveda, a centuries-old holistic system.

Moon milk has its roots in Ayurveda, a
centuries-old holistic system.

It is a warm milky beverage, sometimes called masala doodh, which is commonly made with nut powders, herbs and spices, dried flowers, and fruit.

Serving ashwagandha with warm milk or milk substitutes is a traditional Ayurvedic practice as it’s believed to complement the nutrients in this root.

Research backs this showing that small amounts of healthy fats may help the body better absorb certain antioxidants found in food.

We are huge fans of this warm treat as it helps you settle in for a good night’s rest. That’s why we’ve created this wonderful recipe guide as a gift to you when you purchase Bliss Me.

Find out how to get these cozy recipes below!

We also realize it’s a little more fun and takes a lot less time to blend your favorite ashwagandha drinks with Truvani’s Handheld Frother.

So we want to add one to your order today FREE when you purchase Bliss Me!

When you add Bliss Me to your cart, we will automatically add a Handheld Frother to your order at no additional cost.

That’s right. Get a Truvani Handheld Frother and
This FREE Guide with Purchase…

Inside this guide you'll find 6 recipes featuring our Ashwagandha tablets in delicious bedtime beverages. Moon Milk is a traditional natural healing milk drink enhanced with beneficial herbs and spices, natural sweeteners, fruit, and/or essential oils. These colorful drinks burst with inviting flavors to help settle you into your nightly routine.

A lavender-infused beverage with a hint of vanilla and cocoa A silky blue drink with floral tones and inviting spices A tart yet sweet pale pink milk that is as pretty as it is delicious.
Plus 3 more delectable drinks with ashwagandha. These drinks can use dairy or any preferred dairy substitute.

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Our product supports healthy mood and energy with organic ashwagandha powder, organic ashwagandha extract, and organic black pepper.

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“Bliss Me” Ashwagandha Tablets

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Our product supports healthy mood and energy with organic ashwagandha powder, organic ashwagandha extract, and organic black pepper.

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