04/24/23 | Vani Hari

Here's why health conscious people are trying The Only Bar by Truvani and purchasing it over and over...

7 Reasons Why People Love Truvani Only Bars

1. It’s Flying Off The Shelves In Vitamin Shoppe

When we launched The Only Bar in Vitamin Shoppe, we never thought it would become a best-selling vegan snack bar, but we did. Out of all the snack bars in stores that sell one bar at a time, Truvani has 4 out of 6 of the best-selling vegan snack bars!

2. It Tastes Like A Candy Bar, Seriously

Let’s be honest, some bars on the market taste like cardboard. Blah! But with The Only Bar, you’ll have a different problem… each flavor is so delicious, you won’t be able to pick a favorite one!

🌿Mint Chocolate tastes like ice cream on the pier.
🥜 Chocolate Peanut Butter tastes like your favorite movie theater candy.
🥥 Coconut Cashew tastes like it has hints of salted caramel.
🍫 Chocolate Brownie tastes like that perfect fudge brownie.
🍪 Oatmeal Chocolate Chip tastes like grandma’s cookies.
🥜 Peanut Butter tastes like a spoonful straight from the jar.

In short, this bar is a true flavor experience. You can taste that cocoa nib, the hint of salt, the crunch of the almonds, that shredded coconut, and more… YUM!

3. It’s Made With Ingredients You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Every bar is made with 5-12 organic ingredients you can find in any normal kitchen. Was it easy? No, it took more than 2 years of development. Was it worth it? YES!

I personally hand-picked each ingredient to make sure it met the Truvani standards, and based on what people like Sarah had to say, I’m sure we’ve got a winner on our hands:

“I have never seen a better ingredient list on a bar”

4. It’s Easy On Your Stomach

Ever tried a snack bar that messed with your stomach or gut? It's the worst! The thing is, some brands use weird ingredients to enhance flavor and make the bar making machine run faster.

We took the opposite approach because we make products for people, not machines. In fact, The Only Bar has only ingredients made from real food, leaving out sketchy fillers and stomach-upsetting ingredients like synthetic sweeteners.

5. It Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth, Guilt-Free!

Is snacking your Achilles heel? For me, it is. Especially when I want something sweet. So the next time that 3 pm craving comes along, don’t turn to the nearest chips or cookies… keep The Only Bar on hand so you can satisfy those chocolate cravings guilt-free. And most importantly, without making you crash!

6. Everyone’s Obsessed With It

People are obsessed with it. I mean, just look at those reviews on our site and Amazon! The Only Bar got over 1,025 reviews in total. That's wild! No wonder it’s become the ultimate go-to bar for anyone looking for a quick snack when you have no healthier options around. Trust them, you won't be disappointed.

7. You Can Try 3 Bars Of Your Favorite Only Bar Flavor For Free Today!

To celebrate the success of The Only Bar in Vitamin Shoppe, we’re offering you a special deal…

You can choose your favorite Only Bar flavor, and I’ll send you 3 bars of that flavor for FREE!

All we’re asking is to cover a small shipping and handling fee so we can deliver the order as fast as “postally” possible.

There’s NO catch. We just want you to try The Only Bar without having to purchase a 12-bar box. We believe in this bar so much that we think you’re going to love it and will want to buy more!

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