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“I feel like I’m cheating! It’s like my favorite candy without all the junk.”

This was my colleague’s reaction. When she tried one of Truvani’s recipes made with our new Peanut Butter protein.

Hi, I’m Vani Hari. I’m the co-founder of Truvani and some of you may know me as the Food Babe.

We’ve wanted to add new flavors to our line of Plant-Based Protein for a long time.

And we finally figured out a way to do it. By using ingredients made from real food. That taste is so amazing you’ll look at the label twice...

Because with so few ingredients, you'll wonder…

“How does it taste LIKE DESSERT?”

“I’m the kind of person who will eat a spoonful of peanut butter as a snack.”

Do you find yourself adding peanut butter to everything?

I add it to toast, oats, baked goods and smoothie bowls every chance I get. And while a spoonful of peanut butter is delicious, it doesn’t always give me the fuel I need.

So what if you could have that same nutty flavor while reaching your protein goals?

Our Peanut Butter Plant-Based Protein Powder contains 20g of plant-based protein…

…and is made with just 6 gut-friendly ingredients that are easy to digest.

The best part? Your body will love this protein just as much as your taste buds.

People have been raving about our Plant-Based Protein … here’s why:

Peanut Butter Protein Cookie
Peanut Butter Protein Cookie
Peanut Butter Protein Cookie

We use real organic vanilla powder and real organic peanut flour.

Plus our 4 standard protein powder ingredients our customer’s love.

And nothing more.

Peanut Butter Protein Ingredients

Not only do our protein powders taste amazing, but they are:

Peanut Butter Protein Ingredients

And contain NO artificial or natural flavors.

That’s the real deal.

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Fall In Love With Our Plant Based Protein Powder Or Your Money Back…

When you receive our Plant Based Protein Powder we have a simple promise: fall in love with it within 30 days or you can get a refund.

No questions asked.

Question about our Plant Based Protein? Here are some answers…

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