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Moms deserve gifts they actually want.

That’s why my team and I have put together this amazing gift set with products I hear moms rave about all the time!

When you purchase 1 bag of Marine Collagen, we will send you the Truvani Signature Frother, the “Morning Glow” Recipe eBook, & our Unscented, Organic Deodorant FREE.

It’s the perfect gift set for moms.

The Best Way To Celebrate

Buy the Mother’s Day Gift Set today and you’ll get:


1 x Bag of Truvani Marine Collagen

(a $44.99 value)

1 x Truvani Unscented Organic Deodorant

(a $14.99 value)

1 x Truvani Drink Frother

(a $15.00 value)

1 x Morning Glow Recipe Digital eBook

(a $9.99 value)

Total value of $84.97, you only pay $38.24. You save over $46.73!


“I put it in my daily smoothies. I started using it for the benefits to my skin.”
- Michelle P, Verified Customer

Research suggests that the body’s natural collagen production slows down every single year.*

And it may start as early as your 20s! Some believe this is one of the reasons for aging skin, uneven skin tone, brittle nails, and other tell-tale signs of skin aging.

And that’s why so many people start taking collagen powder as a supplement. You can add it to any food or drink and take in the benefits.

That’s why Truvani’s Marine Collagen is the perfect personal care gift for moms.


“I'm a busy mom of three who works out everyday and this deodorant has been the answers to my prayers!”
- Sierra, Verified Customer

What you put on your body can be as important as what you put in your body.

So when I looked at the ingredient label of a deodorant… it was scary. So many weird ingredients.

I wanted nothing to do with it. I tossed my deodorant into the trash. And we made our own.

Truvani’s Deodorant is USDA certified organic and actually works.

No aluminum. No other weird ingredients.

We kept it simple: Unscented, Organic Deodorant that goes on smooth and gets the job done. With ingredients moms trust.


The Signature Truvani Drink Frother

When you mix powders into drinks, they can clump… And even though Truvani powders dissolve well… Sometimes it takes just a little longer than we would like.

That’s when someone said, “Try a hand-held frother!” It seemed silly. A frother? To mix powder into a drink?


Our handheld frother whips up rich, delightfully frothy drinks.

It’s fast and easy to use, requires minimal clean-up, and its professional quality gives great results every time.

“It dissolves completely with the frother in a cold glass of milk making it the quickest, most delicious after workout drink I can get my hands on.”

—Katelyn S.

Verified Customer


The “Morning Glow” Recipe eBook

Why is everybody raving about Marine Collagen? Because of its amazing anti-aging skin benefits!

That’s why we created this recipe eBook.

Discover 10 beauty-boosting morning recipes – that can help improve the health of your skin, hair, nails, and joints!

We’ve made it easy and fun (and delicious!) for any mom to add collagen to her diet.

Plus, learn how to get back the GLOW!

“I absolutely LOVE the Truvani Marine Collagen and recommend it to my friends, family, and clients. I only recommend products that I trust and would want my mom or children to try.”

—Stephani D.

Verified Customer

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Shipping 24/7 from CA & PA


Have a question about our Wild Caught Marine Collagen? Here are some answers.

  • Our Wild Caught Marine Collagen Powder has 2 ingredients: The first is Fish Collagen Type 1 & 3. The second ingredient is Fish Collagen Type 2.

    For our Collagen Type 1 & 3, we use the skin of wild-caught Cod, Pollock, and other deep-sea fish from the waters surrounding Iceland (as well as the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and other, cold, Northern waters).

    For our Collagen Type 2, we use the skin of wild-caught Skate off the coast of France.

    Collagen Type 1 & 3 are mostly found in our skin and bones. Collagen Type 2 is most abundant in our joint cartilage.

    Most other brands will often only contain one or two types of marine collagen. With our formula, you get all 3 types.

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  • For our Collagen Type 1 & 3, we use the skin of wild-caught Cod, Pollock, and other deep-sea fish from the waters surrounding Iceland (as well as the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and other, cold, Northern waters).

    For our Collagen Type 2, we use the cartilage of wild-caught Skate, Stingray, and Raja off the coast of France.

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  • No. We don’t use shellfish or jellyfish.

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  • No, our collagen comes from the skin of wild-caught, deep-sea, cold-water fish.

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  • The serving size is 12 grams.

    We recommend that you mix it with 8oz of coffee, tea or fresh-pressed juice. Our powder dissolves smoothly and without clumps in hot OR cold liquids.

    You can also blend it into a smoothie or add it to almost any recipe since our powder is unflavored. You’ll barely notice a difference in taste or texture.

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  • Yes.

    To make sure it’s easy to digest, we treat our Marine Collagen with a non-GMO, food-grade enzyme.

    This process doesn’t require any solvents or chemicals. It’s a process that essentially allows for the transfer of amino acids into your bloodstream. This way, it can get to where it needs to go!

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  • There is currently no standard for certifying fish products as organic. So, there is no way for ANY marine collagen product to be certified as “organic.” It’s impossible because there is NO USDA Standard.

    However… Frustrating as this may be, The Truvani Standard is to go above and beyond anyway. When it comes to sourcing – and testing – we choose the highest quality ingredients. Always.

    Our Marine Collagen comes from wild-caught deep-sea fish off the coast of France and from the waters surrounding

    Iceland as well as the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and other, cold, Northern waters.

    We test each source for mercury, lead, and other heavy metals – before it even gets to our facility. Then we test our formula in-house and send the final product out for 3rd-party testing.

    This is how we ensure our product is safe and contains no harmful contaminants.

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  • No. However, our powder is pescatarian-friendly, so it is a great choice if you do eat fish.

    Here’s why:

    Our collagen is Non-GMO and comes from the skin of wild-caught fish. The skin is a valuable source of collagen that often goes to waste (so using it is good for the sustainability of our food system).

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  • So, let’s say you’re already adding a protein powder to your smoothie every morning…

    Try mixing it up with ½ a scoop of protein powder and 1 serving of our Wild Caught Marine Collagen for a filling blend with added anti-aging skin benefits!

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  • Adding collagen to your health regimen is not a one-time thing. Consistency is key:

    The people that report the BEST results are those who add collagen to their daily routine.

    You may see and feel improvements within 4-6 weeks or sooner. However, we recommend taking it on an ongoing basis to help fight against the natural collagen breakdown in the body.*

    Remember that whenever you’re making changes to your diet, it’s always best to consult with your physician.

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  • Our Wild Caught Marine Collagen is unflavored. You can mix it in your coffee, smoothie, or food, and the taste and texture barely change.

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  • Compared to other animal sources, we believe wild-caught marine collagen is the best choice because collagen in fish skin tends to be similar to the collagen in the human body.

    Plus, as you may know, collagen is only sourced from animals. So, if you don’t eat meat (or want to eat less meat) marine collagen is your best option.

    As an added benefit, our Wild Caught Marine Collagen is hydrolyzed for easy digestion.

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  • ur Wild Caught Marine Collagen has a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad any time soon!

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  • While we’re confident that you’ll love your Truvani products, we do offer a hassle-free, 30 day “Love Our Products” guarantee. Starting from the day you receive your product, you have 30 days to try out the product. If for any reason you’re unhappy with the product, contact our support team at and they’ll give you directions on how to get a refund. Please note, this refund excludes shipping and handling.

    Please note that this guarantee applies only to first-time purchases, of a specific product, and approved refund requests do not include shipping and handling fees.

    See full Terms and Conditions.

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