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—Joy S.

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scoops of collagen

“Hellooo? Anybody in there?” - me talking into my bag of collagen every morning.

Don’t you dread that daily search and rescue mission? Just to find your scoop?

And can we talk about the kitchen mishaps trying to get out the powder...

… especially when I’m running low. And have to scrape the bottom of the pouch 🙈

Or when you get powder everywhere as you pull your hand out of the bag. All over your shirt. Countertop.

And even the dog 😳

Can you relate?

I’ve even talked to my Truvani team about this dilemma.

And, boy, have they come up with some hilarious solutions 😂

Like fishing out the scoop with a big spoon.

Or pouring the powder directly from the bag into the mug… skipping the hand-in-powder incidents that may happen.

Jokes aside… this was a big problem.

And I knew my team wasn’t alone.

So we set out to solve it. By designing this gorgeous ceramic container with a Truvani-engraved bamboo lid.

Let me tell you…

truvani plant-based protein
truvani marine-collagen

My team loves it! And so will you.

This container is big enough to hold an entire bag of Truvani Marine Collagen or a half-bag of our popular Plant-Based Protein.

And I want to send you one FREE!

Order any Truvani product on this page and you’ll get this container shipped with your order at no extra cost.

And as a ‘thank you’ bonus for being part of our Truvani Community, we will email our “In-Season Smoothies” recipe eBook with your order.

You’ll want to keep this container out on your countertop. It looks that gorgeous. Plus, having one at your convenience eliminates the hassle of digging into a bag - so you can enjoy your powders mess-free.

This sleek container is valued at $19.99, but it’s yours FREE when you order any Truvani Product! Hurry, these will go fast!

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