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No Steroids

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There’s no smell, no clumps, and it dissolves seamlessly

Finally there is a collagen peptides product that you can actually drink!

Most collagens on the market have a huge problem with mixing. They’re sticky, clump up your drinks, and leave an awful grittiness in your mouth.

Because this blends into anything, it’s perfect for:

adding a scoop to my morning smoothie stirring it into soups or mixing it into my coffee

Plus you can’t even taste it!

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How To Use It

Mixes Easily Into Hot or Cold Liquids

Now you may be wondering… “What’s the best way to add this to my diet?”

The people that report the BEST results simply add collagen to their morning routine.

Here’s how:

Stir it into your morning coffee (or tea)

Blend it into your smoothie

Mix it with fresh pressed juice

Why Our Collagen Peptides

Our Collagen Peptides Are Made With Just One Ingredient

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Yes, you read that right, just one ingredient.

Some other collagens come in gel capsules, and others use artifical flavoring or emulsifier to make them easier to dissolve.

But Truvani’s Collagen Peptides have no nasty ingredients added, and are made with just one simple ingredient:

Grass fed bovine collagen.

That means it’s great for supporting a healthy gut, along with your hair, nails, skin, and joints.

Check Out All These Bonuses

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Buy our Collagen Starter Kit for over 45% off today and receive:

1 x 28-serving bag of Collagen Peptides(a $57.99 value)

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1 Truvani Branded 16oz Glass Jar(a $9.99 value)

1 Reusable Glass Straw with Brush Cleaner(a $9.99 value)

1 Golden Clip(a $9.99 value)

The Truvani Morning Glow Recipe Guide(a $10.00 value)

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Why Choose Truvani Collagen Peptides

Because our collagen peptides are made with only one ingredient (collagen) it has the unique ability to dissolve into any liquid, hot or cold, with no taste or grittiness.

This means the possibilities are endless for how you add collagen to your diet. It’s perfect in coffee, tea, soups, or even mixing into an ice cold matcha latte.

Perfect for Smoothies

Reusable Glass Straw With Brush Cleaner

Plastic straws are out. Paper straws fall apart and don’t work well. But our sleek, modern, glass straw is made out of high-quality glass. Plus it comes with a cleaning brush that’s easy to use.

Keep Your Collagen Fresh

The Perfect Collagen Bag Golden Clip

Use this clip to easily close your bag of collagen and keep it fresh. If you store your collagen in a different container, this quality clip is also great for closing anything that you keep in your kitchen.

Great For Smoothies On The Go

The Truvani Signature Glass Jar

People go crazy over this custom branded Truvani glass jar.

It’s the perfect size for smoothies, shakes or iced coffee on the go.

You can use it to store things, and it even fits on some blenders.

Froth Up Your Coffee

Truvani Signature Drink Frother

Our new handheld frother whips up rich, delightfully frothy drinks. It’s fast and easy to use, requires minimal clean up, and its professional quality gives great results every time.

Our Truvani team loves this frother to blend Grass Fed Collagen Peptides into our teas and coffee. (Ditch the clumpy spoon mess! Yay!)

Add More Collagen To Your Life

The Truvani Morning Glow Recipe Guide

The Truvani Morning Glow Recipe Book – Discover 10 collagen-rich breakfast recipes to support the health of your skin, hair, nails, and joints!

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