03/06/23 | Vani Hari

Here's why women who are conscious about their nutrition are trying Truvani Protein Powder and purchasing it over and over...

7 Reasons Why Women Love Truvani Plant-Based Protein Powder In 2023

1. People Rave About the Taste

Unlike many gritty and chalky plant-based proteins, we do something unique… we de-pod our peas in the process. This leaves a silky smooth texture accompanied by decadent dessert-like flavors.

Chocolate protein that tastes like a brownie.
Vanilla Chai protein that tastes like a latte.
Peanut Butter protein that tastes like a cookie.
And even Unflavored protein that tastes like… nothing.

2. It’s Made with Ingredients You Can Trust

Every bag of Truvani’s plant-based protein is made with 3-11 organic ingredients you’ll recognize. Each flavor starts with organic pea protein, organic pumpkin seed protein, organic chia seed protein and lightly sweetened with organic monk fruit.

From there, they’re flavored with the real deal: organic cacao, organic peanut flour, organic chai spices and nothing artificial, ever.

3. It’s Made with Gut-Friendly Ingredients

Do some protein powders hurt your stomach? Or make you bloat like a balloon? Some big-name protein powders continue to use compromising ingredients to make products “run smoother” and “taste better.”

That’s why we created a blend of minimal ingredients that feels as good as it tastes… leaving out allergens and stomach-upsetting ingredients.

4. It Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Whether your goal is to build muscle or maintain a healthy weight, protein is a great supplement to add to your diet. Each flavor of Truvani Plant-Based Protein contains 20-21g of protein per scoop, which can be mixed in shakes, baked goods, oats and more.

It’s never been easier (or more delicious).

5. Everyone’s Talking About It

Still not sure? Take it from the thousands of customers who are obsessed with how it makes them feel. The Truvani website and Amazon page are filled with satisfied customers who can’t stop talking about it!

6. You can Find it Both Online and In-Store

Not only can you access it on our site, but you can also find Truvani Plant-Based Protein in some of your favorite stores like Sprouts, The Vitamin Shoppe, Natural Grocers and Amazon.

It is also available in many health-focused stores across the nation, which you can find on the Truvani store locator.

7. You Can Get an Exclusive Protein Starter Kit Today!

Ready to kickstart your health goals? If you’ve made it this far, we’re offering you a special deal…

Get our Protein Starter Kit at 65% OFF: 1 full-size bag of protein powder, our stainless steel shaker cup, gold protein scoop, and 4 recipe eBooks.

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