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Support Gut Health With This Beneficial Bacteria

The secret to optimal health has been inside us all along! Go with your gut and take your health to the next level with our Glorious Gut Probiotic.

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How Is Ours Different?

A probiotic supplement has been the #1 requested product, since we started Truvani. With the big boom of interest in gut health, scammy supplements have flooded the market. Some probiotic pills don’t actually do anything, but ours is different. Watch the video to learn more.

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The Gross Secret To Good Gut Health

Bacteria has gotten a bad wrap.

We live in a society where we can’t stand the idea of anything being dirty.

We strategically stock our pantries with the strongest cleaning products.

We wipe down everything...

If you don’t have a bottle of hand sanitizer or wipes clipped to your backpack, are you even a real mom??

We are told that cleanliness is next to Godliness, but what if it’s actually better to be a little dirty?

The surprising truth is that most bacteria is actually beneficial.

Each of us has our own personalized collection of bacteria, called our microbiome, in and on our bodies.

More and more research is telling us that exposure to “dirty” things, such as bacteria, may actually help us by adding diversity to our microbiome.

Most people try and avoid bacteria at all costs.

The wipe, they spray, they scrub.

It’s crazy! We live in a society that is TERRIFIED of teeny tiny germs.

Bacteria has been made out to be the bad guy, but all that is changing...

We know that around 100 trillion good bacteria live in and on our bodies. Many of these bacteria reside in our gut, helping our body break down food and absorb nutrients.

The bacteria on our skin, in our airways, and in our gut are our first line of defense.

However, our antibacterial society doesn’t discriminate. We’ve gone a little nuts, and while literally “wiping” out the bad bacteria, we have dramatically reduced our exposure to the good bacteria that we need in our bodies.

You have probably heard about the importance of gut health, and the impact that it has on our overall health and wellbeing.

For example, research has found that…

- 70% of our immune system is in the gut.

- 90% of serotonin (a hormone critical to our mental health) is produced in the gut.

An incredibly important part of gut health is the balance of bacteria in your belly. You need all kinds of different bacteria in there to be healthy.

So, how do we defend our families from grimy germs while still getting
exposed to beneficial bacteria?

Well we definitely don’t recommend forgoing showering for long periods of time. Not good for our social life.

Plus we should definitely keep our homes and environment clean because cleaning does protect us.

But we can introduce beneficial bacteria to our body by doing one key thing…

Pay attention to what goes into your gut.

Studies suggest eating a diversity of whole food helps the good guys in your gut flourish.

And along with making better food choices, you can do something I’ve been doing for the past ten years…

… take a powerful probiotic.

Probiotics may help the natural microbial community in your gut keep its balance, integrity, and diversity.

All good things for your overall well being.

Think of your gut like a garden… it’s where the seeds for health and beauty are planted.

But formulating a great probiotic is no small task.

It took us a lot of research, and over a year to get right, but we did it!

Introducing Truvani Glorious Gut Capsules

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This has been a labor of love and passion. And it wasn’t easy.

It took us over a year, and a LOT of research… but we created one awesome probiotic supplement.

One that contains 15 incredible species of healthy bacteria to support a balanced gut.

That’s right.

No filler probiotics to bulk up the CFU count. No cycling necessary.

One capsule. One swoon-worthy daily probiotic supplement.

Hi, my name is Vani Hari, AKA the Food Babe, and I have been taking a probiotic for over 10 years.

This one simple change helped support my health more than anything else I tried.

And I’m not the only one who’s a mega fan of probiotics…

… it’s been our #1 most requested product since we launched Truvani.

But the thing we learned is formulating a great probiotic is no small task.

We had a lot of funny things happen while working with these live strains of bacteria… like when we create a liquid one and it outgrew the container.

In the end we created one awesome probiotic capsule supplement.

One that contains 15 incredible strains of healthy bacteria to support a balanced gut.

I’m proud to introduce Truvani Glorious Gut Probiotic.

It’s been a long time in the making… and it’s available today at our special launch pricing!

I’m proud to introduce Truvani’s Glorious Gut Probiotic.

It’s been a long time in the making… and it’s available today at our special launch pricing!

We’ve Included 15 Powerful Strains Inside of Our Probiotic

Each strain is hand-selected to provide the most benefits to your overall health. Glorious Gut supports, digestive, immune, oral, vaginal, and skin health. While aiding in digestion of lactose, and supporting cognitive function and mood. *

How Glorious Gut Can Support Your Health


Help balance friendly bacteria in the gut. Probiotics include diverse bacteria, which may support harmony for your digestive health. *

Aids in healthy digestion. Probiotics help break down food and aid the gut in absorbing and delivering nutrients. *

Help support the immune system. 70% of the immune system is located in the intestines, and probiotics are good bacteria that help maintain a healthy immune response, which may support the gut wall. *

Supports healthy brain function. Research shows that the gut and brain are connected. In fact, over 90% of serotonin is actually made in the gut. Experts are calling it the “gut-brain axis”, and probiotics may help support mood and cognitive function. *

Promotes heart health. Probiotics help balance gut bacteria, which may help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels already within normal range, and support a healthy cardiovascular system. *

Promotes skin health. Increasing good gut bacteria may help improve the appearance and hydration of skin by preventing water loss and improving elasticity. *

Our Guarantee

Fall In Love With Our Glorious Gut Or Your Money Back…

When you receive our Glorious Gut we have a simple promise: fall in love with it within 30 days or you can get a refund

No questions asked.

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This is a revolution

Our #1 priority is ingredients. We believe in real food without added chemicals. Products without toxins. Labels without lies.

And so do the thousands of customers who are part of the Truvani Revolution. Which is why we are introducing this brand new probiotic made from the best sourced ingredients with minimal processing.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s Real Testimonials From Real Customers.

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Glorious Gut Probiotic Capsules

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Our probiotic delivers a diverse blend of 15 different probiotic strains, making it a great source of the right bacteria to add to your belly. Boost your beneficial microbiome and keep bad bacteria at bay.

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Dig in and discover just how delicious gut health can be.

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Disclaimer - the results may vary from person to person.