Introducing: 3 Essential Vitamins & Minerals For a Healthier Life

Support sleep, energy & mood, and your immune system with the all new Truvani Basics Trio.

Who Else Wants To Look and Feel Great?
A Hard Lesson About Health & Wellness

I couldn’t believe it! I went to a doctor to get some blood work done and discovered something scary…

I didn’t have a rare genetic disorder…

I didn’t have high blood pressure…

Something else was going on. Something that left me shocked:

My blood work suggested I was not getting enough of specific vitamins and minerals.

I eat an incredibly balanced and nutritious diet, but I still wasn’t getting enough.

“How could this be?”

One theory is soil depletion. Crops` grown decades ago had much richer amount of vitamins and minerals than what we get in our stores today.

I can’t change farming practices. Not yet anyway. But I can change what I put into my body’

I found out there are three vitamins and minerals that are crucial.

Specifically: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Magnesium.

Magnesium can promote a good night sleep.
Vitamin D can help support energy and mood.
Vitamin C can help support the immune system.

Think about it.

Sleep. Energy. Immunity.

What else do you really need to get through the day?

You can’t function without good sleep.
You can’t power through the day without good energy.
You can’t stay at your best without immunity.

Now, I just needed to find products I could trust…

I mean, these are relatively common vitamins and minerals, so it should be easy, right?


I saw so many companies cut corners.

Instead of offering supplements made from real foods…

…they’d use synthetics.

Some of it was pretty gross, too.

For Vitamin D:

Many companies extract lanolin (or as we say “lamb lard”) using a scouring process, washing it in detergent, and putting it through a series of saponification processes.

Uh? Gross.

Truvani was determined to find a better way.

For Vitamin C:

Many companies often isolate ascorbic acid by extracting it from genetically modified cornstarch or corn syrup. And then they combine it with volatile chemicals like hydrochloric acid or acetone.

No thanks.

Truvani was determined to find a better way.

For Magnesium:

Magnesium made in a lab and processed multiple times through different reactors and chemical agents.


Truvani was determined to find a better way.

Well, we have good news:

Truvani found a better way…

Introducing: The Truvani Basics Trio…
3 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
For Living A Healthier Life

These 3 supplements are remarkable…

Truvani’s Mineral Magic (magnesium) can help promote a good night’s sleep.

Magnesium is an essential nutrient that your body can’t function without because it’s involved in hundreds of processes in the body. Yet 70-80% of the American population is not meeting their daily recommended intake from food alone.

The Best Part: We source our magnesium from the mineral-rich Dead Sea and it’s minimally processed.

Truvani’s Bottled Sunshine is an organic vitamin D3 supplement that can help support energy and mood.

The Best Part: We make our Vitamin D3 by extracting it from a small plant species called lichen, which makes it 100% vegan.

Truvani’s Immuno-C can help support your immune system No matter how busy life gets, which means you can keep doing what you love without missing a beat.

The Best Part: We make our Vitamin C complex from ground USDA organic Amla Berries, a fruit that’s widely known as one of the most potent sources of Vitamin C.

Sleep, Energy, & Immunity:
These 3 Things Are Vital To A Healthier Life

There’s a reason why we are offering these 3 products, at the same time.

You see, one of the big missions here at Truvani is creating products that people can use in their daily life so that they can live a healthier life.


What’s more important than good sleep?

What’s more important than maintaining energy?

What’s more important than your immune system?

All three help you live a better, healthier life…

…and that’s why we’re offering all 3 products together.

At a special price…

When you place your order today, you’ll get:

One Bottle of Immuno-C (Value $24.99)
One Bottle of Bottled Sunshine (Value $19.99)
One Bottle of Mineral Magic (Value $14.99)

That’s a $59.97 Value, But Today:

You’ll Pay $47.97 For Monthly Delivery (Saving Up To 20%)

Plus, it’s backed by our guarantee…

Fall In Love With Our Basics Bundle,
Or Your Money Back:

Here’s the deal:

When you receive our new Basics Bundle, we have a simple promise: fall in love your purchase within 30 days or you can get a refund.*

No questions asked.

The countdown for the refund policy will begin on the day you receive your product and expires 30 days later.

So, don’t worry about “shipping time.”

*Minus shipping & handling, when applicable. See Full Terms and Conditions.

Support Sleep, Energy, and Immunity –
with The Truvani Basics Trio

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Have Questions About This Bundle?
Here Are Some Answers…

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  • What does Magnesium do?

    Our Mineral Magic formula promotes healthy sleep patterns and supports brain balance for a healthy mood.

  • What are the ingredients in Truvani’s Mineral Magic?

    Magnesium oxide sourced from the Dead Sea, Organic Tapioca Dextrin, Organic Rice Hulls, Organic Rice Extract Blend, Organic Acacia Fiber.

  • Are there different types of Magnesium?

    Yes, magnesium supplements are often made from either magnesium oxide or magnesium citrate. At Truvani, we use Magnesium oxide. Here’s why:

    Magnesium oxide is the purest, most potent source of naturally-occuring magnesium on earth. In fact, every other form of magnesium (citrate, glycinate, etc.) actually starts out as magnesium oxide before being manufactured into its final form. That means more processing. More potential for exposure to toxins. More steps between the earth and the bottle.

    We chose magnesium oxide because we’re committed to keeping our ingredients as clean as possible. Our formula offers the most natural magnesium available without any unnecessary synthetic ingredients or manufacturing processes.

  • How much Magnesium do I get in each tablet?

    400 mg., or 100% of the recommended daily intake.

  • How many tablets do I get in each bottle?

    60 tablets… a one month’s supply.

  • How do I take Truvani’s Mineral Magic?

    Take one tablet twice daily with food.

  • Is it Non-GMO?

    Yes! It does not contain any GMO ingredients.

  • Is it vegan?

    Sure is!

  • Is it cruelty-free?

    Yes. Our manufacturing facility does not test any finished products on animals.

  • Is it tested for heavy metals and other contaminants?

    Yes. We rigorously third-party test every single product for quality and effectiveness before it even enters our facility, then again for traces of mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and glyphosate.

  • What is the country of origin?

    Our magnesium oxide is carefully sourced from the depths of the Dead Sea in Israel (the purest place on earth the substance can be found). The remaining ingredients in Mineral Magic are all sourced in the USA.

  • Why is Mineral Magic in tablet form and not capsule?

    Again, it all comes down to keeping things simple for you. There’s no absorption-benefit to taking Magnesium Oxide in a capsule, so we decided on an uncoated tablet because it requires the least amount of processing.

  • What is Truvani’s return policy

    While we’re confident that you’ll love your Truvani products, we do offer a hassle-free, 30 day “Love Our Products” guarantee. Starting from the day you receive your product, you have 30 days to try out the product. If for any reason you’re unhappy with the product, contact our support team at and they’ll give you directions on how to get a refund. Please note, this refund excludes shipping and handling.

    See full Terms and Conditions.

  • What if I have additional questions?

    We’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at and let us know how we can help.

Support Sleep, Energy, and Immunity –
with The Truvani Basics Trio

Select each product to add to your order Bundle up to save! Add all 3 products and save 20%

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This Is A Revolution

Our #1 priority is ingredients. We believe in real food without added chemicals. Products without toxins. Labels without lies.

And so do the thousands of customers who are part of the Truvani Revolution. Which is why we are introducing this brand new basics line made from the best sourced ingredients with minimal processing.

Here’s Real Testimonials From Real Customers.

Support Sleep, Energy, and Immunity –
with The Truvani Basics Trio

Select each product to add to your order Bundle up to save! Add all 3 products and save 20%

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